“Give a man a fish, Feed Him For A Day… Teach a Man How To Fish…Feed Him For A Lifetime.”


This is what some of our satisfied customers have to say about us!
  • At Platinum Health & Fitness Club there is a variety of great workout classes to keep you in shape. It is well equipped and the trainers are very professional and attentive to see to individual needs, encouraging you to reach your goals. It’s not just another fitness club. I highly recommend it!
    Ms. Camilleri
  • Even though I don't live in Malta anymore I want to say thank you for the inspiration, kindness and professionalism what I received here in Platinum Fitness club. I am not shy to join any other pilates or circuit training class anywhere else because I feel so well prepared. Thank you for that!
    Ms. Kossatz
  • Amazing service and professionalism especially during classes. As soon as you enter the gym you already feel welcomed as receptionist and trainers address you by your name. So happy that I joined Platinum.
    Ms. Gerada
Our mission is to educate clients on how to become their absolute healthiest selves. With the professional guidance through our qualified Personal Trainers, clients will learn how to monitor their own workouts, helping them reach their goals in the safest and most effective ways.

The real key to any fitness programme is a little hard work and discipline and our experienced staff are always there to guide you, motivate you and encourage you even when you might lose your focus throughout the process.

No matter if you are completely new to the GYM, we are here to take your first step to fitness with you. Sweat it out inside the gym downstairs, shower it off in the changing rooms upstairs and then retreat downstairs to catch up with friends over healthy, but tasty food.

PLATINUM also specializes in Exercise Referral, specifically for clients suffering from any diseases, conditions and other lifestyle challenges.

Your overall wellness is our ultimate goal!

Daniel Zammit


Daniel started his Personal Training career in 2010, carrying out his Personal Training inside gyms, private homes and schools. In 2012, he graduated from the University of Malta, attaining his degree in Physical Education & Sport and in the same year he opened PLATINUM in the central part of Malta where he continued to pursue his personal training career along with teaching many other fitness classes inside the Studio. He later continued to specialise in exercise referral working with other health professionals such as surgeons, doctors, physiotherapists and psychiatrists.

He continuously strives to improve his personal development to improve the services rendered inside PLATINUM.

Judit Benyus


Hungarian Qualified Personal Trainer and Running Coach, joined the PLATINUM team in April 2017. She worked with many different athletes, helping them to improve their fitness components inside their sport. She always loved challenges and enjoyed competitions! Being an athlete herself, she believes that “Once You’ve Had the Taste of Winning, You Become Addicted!”

Pavle Puzovic


Coming from Serbia, where he graduated on Faculty for Sport and Physical Education - department Strength and Conditioning. He has experience in Fitness and Sports industry for the last four years. He joined Platinum in June 2019. His passion are running and sports games. "If you give a real chance to training, it will become a way of life".