Daniel Zammit

Daniel Zammit

Owner & Director

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    • Ongoing (2019-2022) Masters In Exercise & Sports Science
    • Bachelor of Science (Honours) In Physical Education & Sport
    • GP and Exercise Referral Instructor (Level 3)
    • Certified Master Trainer
    • Specialist PT Certification in;
    • Nutrition and Weight Management
    • Clinical Exercise / Exercise Referral
    • Strength and Conditioning
    • Lifestyle Management
    • Functional Training & Core Stability

    As the founder and director of PLATINUM, Daniel began his fitness career at the age of 16, acquiring his first diploma in ‘Instructing Exercise and Fitness’. Daniel enrolled at the University of Malta in 2008, to achieve his first degree in Physical Education and Sport, and in 2010 earned his Master Trainer certification at the European Institute of Fitness in Spain.

    In 2014, Daniel acquired his diploma in GP Exercise Referral, which helped him branch out and attain experience while working with other health and medical professionals, including physiotherapists, psychiatrists. orthopaedic surgeons and general practitioners. Daniel has also trained athletes to compete in the Olympics as well as clients suffering from an array of conditions and/or injuries.

    Today, Daniel is reading his master’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a particular interest in assessing and evaluating body composition and fitness components in clients. He also, works alongside with athletes who would like to improve their performance within their particular sport and to help them prevent any injuries which are likely to occur.

    Favourite Quote: “The Only True Wisdom Is In Knowing You Know Nothing” (Socrates)