David Andres Perez Mendoza

David Andres Perez Mendoza

Personal Trainer

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    David graduated from the university of St. Thomas in Bucaramanga – Colombia, with a first-class degree in Sport Science.

    At the start to his carrier, he used to work with a professional football team, whilst training continuously to improve himself as a basketball player. It is during this time that David started to develop a strong interest in fitness.

    David is always willing to learn to new things, and has recently completed a certificate in personal training, nutrition, and strength conditioning. This will help him to better understand his clients’ needs and to assist them in the most adequate way.

    He believes that fitness is not just about how good you look, but it has more to do with improving people’s daily life. With this in his mind, David is very passionate about his career and will go the extra mile to ensure that people are getting the best experience out of training.